What are the qualifications required to become a corporate insurance agent?

The insurance market is undergoing a major change due to the arrival of new structures financed by large investment funds, focusing on more profitable products. Among them are engineering risks, elementary lines, and civil liability. This market has increasingly valued bold profiles to operate in this area.

In this scenario, the role of a corporate insurance agent is significant and needs to be closely monitored. After all, he is responsible for acting as an intermediary between insurers and policyholders.

But you need to know the primary qualification required. This post will talk about the skills expected for a corporate agent. So, have a look!

Know how to use technologies to your advantage

By obtaining available information technology tools, the corporate agent has at his disposal more data about the customers he wants to attract and retain. This information allows him to understand that, over time, the insured’s profile changes.

With this knowledge, the corporate agent will be able to know when he should be present and interested in offering the services needed. Guidance on coverage is essential for the customer to better understand the insurer’s obligations and the guarantees that are acquired in the event of a claim.

Have absolute product knowledge

A corporate insurance agent needs to know the modality he offers to his beneficiaries. Only in this way is it possible to suggest a solution that fits what customers want. This vision makes it possible to deliver a product in line with customer needs with market knowledge.

Therefore, it is recommended that brokers research each insurer’s coverage and check which are the most important data and specifics to communicate to the final consumer.

Have good communication

It is possible to notice major changes in the concept of sales, especially when it comes to offering services to customers. Until recently, he was seen only as an insurance salesman. However, it can be considered that the broker is now seen as a consultant. This is because its support goes far beyond finalizing a sale, as it offers customized and effective assistance in contracting insurance, conveying more clarity and confidence to the customer.

Broker compensation is related to the amount the customer pays for insurance. It is important to remember that the professional is paid not only for selling the product but also for offering good service, always being available when the customer needs help or has questions.

Have aptitude in social networks

Building and increasing the network of relationships is of paramount importance for any corporate insurance agent who wants to work safely. You can do this on social media. First, you need to know which platform you will focus your efforts on. To be able to decide, look where are your potential customers. If the agent sells more business insurance and collective life insurance.

If he works in home insurance and auto insurance, Facebook is the most suitable social network. The recommended thing is to avoid having two or three networks. Create a corporate profile to speak on behalf of the broker you work with. On Facebook, you can opt for a fan page and on LinkedIn for a company page. These are profiles made for companies, with very specific functions for the broker to manifest as a legal entity.

Have theoretical, administrative, and legal knowledge

The corporate insurance agent must have theoretical, legal, and administrative knowledge about the products offered to clients. In the pre-contractual phase, he must use specialized technical knowledge in favor of the insured during its term and conclusion, helping him to regularize and settle the claim.

To stand out in the market, it is recommended that the posp insurance agent keeps up to date, network, participate in events and courses, etc. Did you see what professional corporate insurance agent needs to have to stand out in the industry? Don’t waste any more time and contact us now to learn about our services!

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