What are the ways to conduct productivity-enhancing classes in school?

We see that a teacher may have good communication as well as interactive skills with a successful pedagogy which makes the learning process have a productive and desired outcome. We know that the lms full form can work to help students study varied topics as well. But we have seen that the scenario may change dramatically in an online environment where neither of the skills may be sufficient. We see that it must be realized by the teacher that the class is in a different environment as well as needs different and special skills to conduct a successful class at the same time. They can teach various things to the students as well. We see that sometimes this is a very serious problem for today’s youth as well. We see that school students do not focus on developing their writing skills instead, we see that they are more inclined towards verbal habits which are wrong. We see that bad or no writing habits can be lethal for exams as well as their productivity. We are aware that writing sentences not only make their memory sharp but also helps in keeping a record of what they’ve studied in school so that they can revise at times. They can also work to keep a record of their daily to-do list as well. We see that every day, they have got so much to deal with except studies as well. We know that due to this excessive load gets built on their brain. We see that our brain can tolerate such loads but on the other hand, productivity levels get reduced because of such pressures at the same time. So, we see that there is a solution for the same? We know that can’t avoid any single task from our schedule but we can go for a to-do list. This is why the list can help them to gain discipline which is a primary step toward efficient productivity. We see that mind maps can play a role in such a case. We know that mind maps are a very significant way to learn concepts as well. Their thinking as we know can get well organized with proper usage of mind maps as well. We see that not only proper organization, but it also helps to make them more systematic as well as save lots of their time for other important tasks. We see that by using mind maps a connection gets established between their ideas which boosts their productivity. We see that they can work on revising it as well. We know that they can revise as many times as possible as well. We see that instead of watching birds or playfield outside the window in free time at their school, one must focus on the revision of the topics that they have learned on a particular day as well. We know that revision not only makes them ready for the exam but also plays an important role to discover new methods to answer questions which ultimately, we see comes under the category of productivity.  Instead, they must try to sleep at least eight hours a day to remain fresh throughout the day which ultimately, results in productivity. If case eight hours of sleep is not possible then they must go for short naps but not in between their school lectures. Short naps are always good for instant freshness but they should be practiced only if you have not completed their proper sleep. We see that exercise, as well as fresh air, plays a role too. We know that regular exercise results in spiritedness as well because moreover, we know that inhaling fresh air means more oxygen in the body, as well as aerobic exercises, provide greater blood flow to the brain which helps in enhancing memory at the same time. We see that good memory always helps towards great productivity as a student will never forget what’s taught in the class as well as hence, they will be able to connect concepts constructively at the same time. The attendance management system can work at the same time. This way they can keep the necessary records as well. 

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