What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Sugar?

Do you want younger-looking skin, a flatter belly, and lasting energy? Quitting sugar is the solution to achieve these results.

Research even discovered that sugar tends to trick your brain into wanting it more. Though sweetness is okay, the daily limit of added sugar intake is only six teaspoons for women. So does it sugar-free drinks and foods are the best alternatives?

Natural sugars from fruits and vegetables are okay. But if you can dial your added sugar intake back, you will achieve some truly unique health benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of consuming less sugar.

Achieve a Younger-Looking Skin

The sugar in your food affects the sugar amount in your bloodstream. Studies have shown that high blood sugar levels can hinder the repair of the skin collagen – it’s the protein that keeps skin look plump.

A diet with lots of treats can result in premature wrinkles and reduced elasticity of the skin. Fortunately, research says that cutting your sugar intake can drastically help to lessen skin sagging and other signs of aging.

Have Lasting Energy

Do you know that added sugars are simple carbohydrates? Meaning, they are quickly digested and enter your bloodstream fast. But the moment the sugar is digested, that’s when you’ll see the results. You will experience an energy roller coaster the whole day.

Eat a handful of almonds as they are rich in protein and healthy fats, giving you a more stable energy source that will last longer.

Attain Flatter Belly

Everybody knows that a daily sugary soda intake can accumulate in pounds, particularly in the belly area. Good thing sugar-free drinks are easy to find as they are the best alternative to sweet soda.

The profound thing that you may not realize here is the risks related to abdominal fats. Sugary food can spike your blood sugar, triggering an insulin flooding that encourages fat to gather up around your middle over time and is known as the visceral fat that sits deep in the abdomen.

Those are the riskiest fats as they generate adipose and adipokines hormones, which are the troublemakers that move to blood vessels and organs. As a result, they cause inflammation that impacts conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Having said so, cutting back on sweets and desserts will reduce your tummy fat and the health dangers that come with it.

Helps in Weight Loss

High insulin levels add pounds not only to your belly but also all over your body. Substituting sugary foods and processed carbs in your diet with healthy fats will help maintain your insulin level, which means fewer calories will be stored as fat.

Cutting off sugar will decrease hunger, speed up metabolism, and weight loss with fewer struggles.

Heart health must be taken good care of as it helps you work through anything from morning classes to late-night deadlines. Fueling yourself with lattes and cookies will not do your heart a favor. Cutting back sugar now will bear fruit real great later.

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