What is a Bronze Plaque?

Bronze plaques are used in honoring many notable people and institutions. Examples include the Hall of Fame of Major League Baseball, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are several different types of bronze plaques, but they all share a common characteristic: high quality, eye appeal, and value.

Cast bronze plaques are the most expensive

There are several different types of Bronze Plaques, and the most expensive type is the cast bronze plaque. Each type has its own benefits and limitations. The largest drawback to cast bronze plaques is their price. They are not as versatile as other types, and can cost as much as $1000 or more.

There are three different types of bronze plaques: precision plaques, cast bronze plaques, and bronze plaques with porcelain coating. Precision plaques are more affordable and are often used as a dedication plaque for a building, an employee’s plaque, or a loved one’s plaque. The best part about precision plaques is that they are guaranteed for life.

They have raised letters on a textured background

Bronze plaques are made with raised letters and a textured background and are an excellent choice for memorials. Unlike stone plaques, bronze plaques are durable and last for a long time. They are available in various sizes and can feature large or small lettering.

When choosing a plaque, the background color is crucial to the overall look. The color behind the raised metal lettering should contrast well with the text and border elements. When a plaque is large enough, it is normal to have slight water marks on the background. This is a natural result of the pouring of molten bronze during the casting process. This is why Masterwork Plaques encourages its customers to use textured background for large plaque projects.

They are a permanent investment

Bronze plaques are a great way to recognize people, events, or organizations that have a great impact on the community. They are a timeless investment and can be used indoors or outdoors. Unlike paper and plastic signs, bronze is impervious to environmental damage, so they last for years. A bronze plaque can feature simple text or a full portrait.

The best part about bronze plaques is their beautiful, long-lasting quality. Bronze plaques are an excellent way to commemorate a loved one. Many graves in Nassau Knolls Cemetery feature bronze memorials.

They are a great way to honor a loved one

Bronze plaques are a popular choice for memorials because of their durability and timeless look. They are also customizable and can feature words, phrases, bible verses, quotes, and more. A business can also use a custom plaque to give employees encouragement or show appreciation for their efforts.

There are many different styles to choose from, including photo-realistic memorials. A remembrance plaque can include the date of birth, death, or any other special memory. It serves as a lasting reminder of a loved one who is no longer with us.

They are a great way to mark a park or tree dedication

Bronze plaques are an elegant way to mark a tree or park dedication. They can be customized to reflect the theme and personality of the park or tree. They are an excellent way to commemorate a special event or a loved one. In addition to commemorating someone, bronze plaques can also be used to mark other areas of interest.

Bronze Placards are approximately four inches in diameter and are a quarter of an inch thick. The bronze is etched with graphics and affixed to flagstone with unseen mounting pins. Plaques are usually engraved with the tree or park’s name, dedication date, or special words. Some plaques may also feature a small poem or saying. The inscription should be approved by Park District staff. The average cost of a bronze plaque is about $350.

They are a target for thieves

As metal prices rise, bronze plaques have become a prime target for thieves. With scrap bronze fetching up to $1.70 per pound, thieves are also targeting bronze plaques. Thankfully, the city is working on a plan to replace the missing plaques. In the meantime, city officials are offering replacement plaques made of less valuable materials.


The city has been battling this problem for years. Police say that more than a dozen bronze plaques have been stolen in the last two years alone. Now, they’re working to replace the plaques and stop the thieves from coming back for more. The plaques are not worth much as scrap metal. A pound of copper is worth less than $3. Plus, a reputable dealer won’t buy cast-metal with the logo of a city. But the cost of replacing a stolen plaque can run into the hundreds of dollars.

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