What is a CSS Loader and When You Need One for your Website

The best way to conceal loading times and reduce bounce rates at the same time is a CSS loader.

A CSS Loader is a CSS function that loads the css in a browser before the browser can ask for it. It is similar to a preload, except that it loads only the css without requesting for it. It is therefore an alternative to preload on a server side.

There are a lot of CSS loader options for you to choose from, and you can learn to create one with ease for your website. But first, let’s see what exactly is a CSS loader and how to use it.

What is a CSS Loader

A CSS loader is basically a CSS method that hides the CSS loading time from the user’s mind. It appears on a page only after the browser asks for it.

This should make your users feel comfortable, instead of them thinking about the loading time. This is especially important when your website is loading pages at a snail’s pace.

That’s when a CSS loader becomes more than a decoration and becomes a tool for removing some of the loading time load from your page.

How to Use a CSS Loader

There are many ways to use a CSS loader. And there are a lot of loader options to choose from. However, in my opinion, the best option to choose for you is to create a CSS Loader using a no-code tool. Get learn more information on this thetechboy

This method gives you a more fluent approach to create your own CSS loader that matches your brand’s visual style.

Benefits of using a CSS Loader

Now, let’s see why you should choose a CSS loader:

  • It works on every site that supports modern browsers.
  • It is great for mobile phones as well as for pages with very high traffic.
  • It makes your website more efficient as the css loading times are reduced.

Here’s a list of important points you must consider while creating a CSS loader for your website:

Use a no-code tool. This gives you a more fluent and efficient approach to creating your own CSS loader.

As with a preloader, there is a maximum and a minimum CSS size for each CSS loader.

It does not give you access to images or styles that have not been included in your CSS file.

For quicker loading times, make sure your CSS loader does not contain styles or functions that are not necessary to load.

You should keep in mind that this method of CSS loader should be included in your HTML as the closing tag.

How to Create a CSS Loader Without Coding

Here’s how you can create a CSS loader without any coding skills in a matter of minutes.

  1. Select your favorite CSS loader tool which should be compatible with all modern browsers. You can use SVGator’s tool or you will be able to find a perfect option for you.
  2. Draw your CSS loader in your desired style. You don’t have to do this every time as you can draw it once and reuse it. This will help you to keep it for all your websites.
  3. Animate your loader using the available options to give it a sense of motion and speed.
  4. Export a single SVG file you can upload directly on your website.
  5. Include this file in your HTML as the closing tag, along with your CSS file. This will help you to quickly add your CSS loader to your website.


You must know that the more you remove the loading time from your website, the more loyal your users will become. By using a CSS loader you can create a great website that loads fast and looks good.

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