What Kind of Classical Music Can You Play for Babies?

Are you wondering what kind of music you can play for a baby in the womb? Well, medical experts have done studies and found that fetuses can hear sounds from around 20 weeks, so it’s best to start playing classical music when you’re in the second trimester.

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You may think that Mozart is all you need to play for your child, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The best kind of classical music for babies is the kind you want your baby to listen to. Parents have played classical music for their children from day one for years, and they’ve collected some great first choices.

Here are different kinds of classical music for babies.


Everyone knows about Brahms’ lullabies, but did you know that the artist wrote some lovely songs for children? His Lullaby and the Alphabet Song are not only classics that children love to listen to; they’re part of why his other works transcend time.

If you want a short but sweet classical piece to play, Brahms’ Two Songs for Children are perfect.


The next time you think about playing Mozart, try Beethoven instead! You can play the “Kinderszenen” (Scenes from Childhood) or his other piano pieces like op: 49, no. 15 for your child.


You can never go wrong with Mozart. If you want the best music for your baby, try the “Kindergarten” piano pieces, which are more straightforward than his other works and perfect for babies just learning to recognize musical sounds.

Or, you can play some of Mozart’s music composed for children, like the “Toy” piano sonatas or his pieces written for a play about a mouse.


Bach is an excellent choice if your baby loves listening to you play the harpsichord! Try playing some of Bach’s easy keyboard music or playing some of his works from his many children’s cantatas.


The Baroque composer is an excellent choice if you want a musical, calming piece of music to play for your child. Try his famous Canon in D to help your baby have a delightful experience.


Vivaldi is another Baroque composer who makes beautiful, tone-filled music perfect for babies. Try his sonata from “The Four Seasons” or try “Vivaldi’s Toy.”


If you’re looking for a classical piece that sounds more modern, Haydn’s compositions are the best type of music for babies. His Symphony #13 or his Piano Sonata in C are perfect choices.


Beauchamp was a contemporary of Vivaldi’s and wrote many pieces for all kinds of instruments, including some that are great for babies! Try his Sonata in D Major or his 4th Harpsichord Suite.


The composer is known more for being modern than classical, but his works are beautiful. Try his ‘On An Overgrown Path’ or the ‘Taras Bulba suite.’


If your baby loves listening to you play the piano, Schubert is a great choice! His Impromptus are perfect for babies because they’re not too hard but still sound complex.

Final Words

These are a few of the many composers you can choose to play for your baby. No matter what kind of music you prefer, there’s something out there for everyone!

You must stay away from anything that’s too loud or has sharp sounds in it, like cymbals crashing. A good rule is if you can’t sing along with the music comfortably, then your baby probably won’t enjoy it!

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