What kind of game is secure Minecraft servers?

Minecraft is a game developed by a subsidiary of Microsoft. That develops and sells windows and is characterized by being compatible with various models such as pcs, smartphones, tablets, and home video game consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo switch.

It shows such excitement that famous YouTubers on YouTube put up play videos all over the place. In May 2019, it overtook “Tetris”, which had been the unshakeable no. 1 until then, to become the world’s no. 1 selling game.

On the other hand, it is expected that programming and active learning will be effective in educational settings. It is incorporated into classes and learning in various countries. It is also expected that the number of schools that use programming as teaching materials will increase with the introduction of compulsory programming education in elementary schools from April.

Can children play?

You may be thinking, “this may seem complicated, but can children play? In conclusion, even children can play enough. Rather than adults with stiff heads, once you learn how to operate, you will start playing in various ways in no time. Both the dot-art objects and the gardens created using glass blocks with flowers were created by a six-year-old child using an iPad before entering elementary school.

While referring to the YouTube play video, it seems that it was made by thinking himself. It can be said that it is a game that you can enjoy “the fun of making” that is not limited to the world of blocks.

Is Minecraft useful for programming education?

In the introduction of Minecraft, it is expected to be “effective for programming and active learning”.

The developer also sells “Minecraft: education edition” with that in mind, and the ministry of internal affairs and communications says as part of the project to promote the spread of programming education to young people, in 2017 we implemented the “promotion of programming thinking learning using the educational version of Minecraft”

For elementary school students.

This was a challenge to actually program for minecraft servers and move the characters as specified on Minecraft, but 95% of the participants answered that they want to continue programming in the future. So, it can be said that we were able to get children interested in programming. Being able to touch programming in a game sense is a great merit.


The developers allow users to modify them, mod developers exchange opinions at official events, and excellent mods are introduced on the official site, which is also showing excitement. It’s really hard to make a mod out of the blue, but you can install and play with mods made by other people.

Even though it is a game that uses blocks, some mods eliminate the block feeling at all.

Minecraft, which allows you to play games with secure minecraft servers. It customizes and moves to your liking, and can be said to be a groundbreaking game that can be expected to nurture children’s creativity and logic at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s not free, but if your child is interested. It’s well worth buying. Miraigoto lab has prepared a “Micra programming course” using Minecraft and the aforementioned make code. It is a perfect course for children who want to start programming while having fun.

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