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What to consider when going for exterior door replacement?

It is important to pick the right exterior door replacement per your needs. Window Mart is an ideal place to meet your requirements. Here is a list of points the company thinks you should consider when selecting exterior doors.


It is the primary thing to focus on. It is very important to pick the material depending on your location, weather conditions your area faces, the maintenance you can provide, and the safety you expect.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass exterior doors are a practical option for many. They offer a smooth surface with an embossed wood texture that imitates real wood.

  • Steel

Steel exteriors are comparatively cheaper than wood and fiberglass doors. They need minimal maintenance and are energy-effective. You can use glass panels to give the doors an appealing look.

  • Wood

Wood doors offer aesthetic appeal to your property and are costlier than the above two. They also need more maintenance to prevent dents, scratches, and wear and tear.


Your front door is the first thing in your home that casts an impression on the visitors and passersby. It is essential to put some importance on it.

If you want a traditional look, go for a classic single-pane door. If you need a subtle look, choose a double-paneled door.

Just because you bought a house 10 years ago windowless in white color, you don’t need to follow the trend.

Draft your budget

When choosing your exterior door, it is important to know the project’s total cost. If you’re tight on the budget, choose steel doors; if you have a good budget, choose wood doors.

Energy-efficient doors are costlier, so keep this also in mind. A front door replacement is like an investment, so make you compare the long-term benefits.


Measure your exterior door carefully to ensure you get the perfect-sized door. The standard size of the front door is 36” x 80”, but sometimes your home may need a bigger or double door.

The measurements may get complicated if there are features on your front door like decorative transoms or sidelights. Hence, it is suggested to hire a professional to take the measurement.

The size of the doorway marks your options. It is too wide; you should choose a 42-inch single door or go for double doors.


It is important to pick a front door that complements the look of your house. It is essential to consider the house’s architectural style and match the exterior door accordingly. You can choose an unpredictable door to make a statement.

Now, you are prepared to pick a new door

Installing an exterior door is a big project. That door says much about your personality, choices, style, and class. It works as an introduction to your home. But apart from the looks, consider other aspects too such as security and material. And, once you’re satisfied, you can pick the best door for your home. Window Mart is your one-stop solution to get help while selecting exterior doors. Call today for help.

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