What to Consider While Buying Pallet Inverters?

Food products generally are dispatched on wooden pallets. However, to store in clean rooms or production zone it needs to be transferred into plastic pallets. Even if you don’t need to switch there can be spills and leaks that need to be replaced.

Some dry ingredients when packed tightly turn into cake over time. Large sacks of sugar or flour are susceptible to ripping, especially the ones at the pallet’s bottom. The entire load needs to be removed, which is a heavy task.

Fortunately, there are pallet inverters designed to rotate the loaded pallets. The machine uses differ from one industry to another.

Here are some basic uses –

  • Remove and replace the damaged pallets.
  • To invert or rotate products for appropriate storage.
  • Remove the damaged product from the pallet load’s bottom.
  • Switch from wooden pallets to plastic ones.

Using a pallet inverter you can reduce product damage rate and enhance business efficiency as well as save money and time.

Benefits of pallet inverters

  • Reduce workplace injury risk associated with lifting and moving heavy products manually. Loaded pallets are rotated safely through an automated process.
  • Lessen product damage risk by allowing you to replace the broken pallets before storing products in loading bays.
  • Products are rotated at 180° in less than 20 seconds. It is significantly faster than manually unstacking and restacking the pallets.
  • Less prone to error as the entire process is automated.
  • The pallet inverter is available in different models and sizes.

What to consider while choosing a suitable pallet inverters?

There are different types of pallet inverters available. While buying you need to answer the following questions to help you make a correct choice.

·      What is the pallet load size I need to lodge?

If the inverting or transferring of pallet loads size is the same then a regular model is suitable. To choose the height range, consider the largest pallet load you use and add 5” to accommodate pallet transfer.

If the pallet load size is different then consider double large clamps.

·      What kind of product will be rotated?

The product can be durable and sturdy or delicate that needs gentle handling. Choose a model with a proper clamp pressure option.

·      How will I load the pallet inverters?

You can choose a model that doesn’t need a forklift to load. It is ideal for small loads and small spaces because the maneuvering is handled with a pallet jack.

·      Do you need customized pallet inverters?

There is no need to settle with a model that is not suitable for your business needs. You can have it customized to suit pallet load height and size or accommodate a large clamp range. You can even add features like moving sidewalls, supports, guides, pallet grippers, conveyorized automation, and standoffs.

Pallet inverters are simple machinery and integrate easily with your current warehouse equipment.

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