What to Expect from eSports Betting in 2022

The eSports industry has been growing incredibly fast throughout the last year and has become closely associated with the betting industry. In 2022, this trend is about to get stronger and stronger.

The whole world is eager to see new perks offered by iGaming and eSports betting. Thousands of operators and providers aim to share their ideas to enhance user experiences and take their activities to the next level. You need to have a general understanding of the situation before you place your first bet at

Audience Involvement in eSports

Over the last decade, the audience of eSports betting has considerably increased. More and more people decide to challenge their luck placing bets on their favorite video games and the teams involved in video game tournaments. They have joined multiple online resources to watch online streaming of eSports tournaments. Luckily, this kind of events has become introduced on television, league resources, and even social media. This has increased the industry’s availability well enough to create a great potential for the world of eSports.

The online betting community has become a safer and more reliable place. There are also lots of review websites that mention the best-secured betting sites in different countries, guaranteeing you absolute protection from scams and frauds.

These days, blockchain technologies allowed us to monitor every single transaction and winning reward in real-time. We can also observe various kinds of services, such as live streaming, online navigation, customer support, payment methods, and mobile experience as a promising alternative for PCs and tablets.

Future Trends

The pandemic hasn’t ended yet. But people have managed to live with it. The eSports betting and iGaming world has adjusted their activities to the modern realities. So, we might see a lot of events, namely tournaments and competitions, for video game enthusiasts. Let’s see the major directions on which gaming and betting activities will be focused.

Dota 2

One of the most beloved games among gamers, Dota 2 will get even more popular in 2022. Its wide range of tournaments includes QH Sports Dota Series 3 Dota 2 By Oceanic Esports, Dota 2 Champions League, and Intel World Open Beijing. The International Dota 2 championship is the most popular event for Dota 2 fans as it involves a prize pool reaching millions of dollars.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

The top first person shooter is constantly fighting for its dominance in the competitive gaming betting arena. Its solid gamers & bettors community has been increasing since 2012. And it isn’t about to stop in 2022. The game has its own international league, known as the ESL Pro Tour. PGL Major, its major tournament, is changing its location every year. No wonder that it’s considered to be an international event.

Halo Infinite

The only XBOX classic game to be found in the global eSports betting world is Halo Infinite. Its popularity started since Microsoft has made XBOX games accessible on PC. Halo Infinite tournaments aren’t probably the most striking events in iGaming and eSports betting. But it has its army of fans worldwide.

Is There Something More?

In 2022, the world of eSports will face one more addition. The Olympic community has announced its intention to allow the Asian Games of 2022 to host an eSports event. This will feature debut games such as League of Legends, PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version, Street Fighter V, Arena of Valor, and some more. Look forward to seeing the results of such immense changes!

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