What to expect in a luxury apartment in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the cities in Europe that is known to have many luxury apartments. The iconic architectural design of these apartments is different from several housing designs in several other cities in Europe and the rest of the world. If you check out any Spanish-based real estate trading website, you will find thousands of Barcelona luxury apartments for sale.

Before buying a luxury apartment in Barcelona, it is very important to know the attributes that qualify an apartment to be called “luxury.” In this article, I will discuss all the features that you need to look for while purchasing a luxury apartment in Barcelona.

1. It should look premium

Before you even get into the details of the apartment, the exterior and interior of the apartment should have that premium look. An apartment can’t be called premium if it is not built using premium material. No one can build a luxury apartment and forget to give it a premium look on the outside and inside.

Some of the well-known premium building materials you need to look out for include; Marble, premium glass, skylight windows, and many more. If an apartment is made of premium material, you will be able to spot it right away if the seller shares good-quality images.

2. The location

Premium apartments are built in the high-end locations of Barcelona. The neighborhood alone should give you an idea of the apartment you are about to see before you even reach the actual site. So, as you do your research online, take time to find out the exact location of the apartment you intend to buy and the quality of its neighborhood.

Some of the high-end neighborhoods in Barcelona include Pedrables, Sarria-Sant Gervasi, Les Corts. Most of the apartments in these neighborhoods are usually premium and cost a lot more than those in the low-end districts of Barcelona.

3. Security

The security of premium apartments in Barcelona is always at the top level. While entering the apartment to check it out, you need to be keen on the security technology and personnel at the entrance and within the vicinity of the apartment. You also need to look out for high-tech CCTV cameras, both within and outside the house.

Of course, don’t expect to find cameras in your private rooms. You may probably find some in the garage, kitchen, and other less private rooms of the house. However, there should be cameras in all angles of the apartment’s exterior. These cameras should also have high-end features like face recognition, motion detection, and many more. Visit this site: senorita

If you find any Barcelona Luxury apartment for sale without tight security, it is not worth spending a lot of money on it. A person ready to buy a luxury apartment in a high-end district of Barcelona cannot afford to compromise on its security.

4. Finishing touches should look premium and flawless

One of the attributes of a luxury apartment that you shouldn’t compromise is the quality of finishes. The finishing on every section of the apartment, including the exterior and all interior sections, needs to be top-notch. Make sure to visit every section of the house and examine the quality of finishes in each room, including the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, many more. The floor of the apartment should also be made of high-end materials such as Stylish Microtrrazo

5. High-end furnishing

Any Barcelona luxury apartment on sale needs to have top-notch furnishing in all rooms. You need to take a closer look at the materials used in the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and bedroom. For instance, your kitchen’s countertops need to be made using high-end materials such as Marble, Quartz, Stylish Microtrrazo, and recycled glass. So, look closely for such materials.

6. High ceiling

Another common attribute that you need to look out for in any luxury apartment is a high ceiling. Luxury apartments need to have ample space (both width and height) for proper aeration. A high ceiling is not only good for aeration but also makes your house look premium. Most of the luxury apartments in Barcelona have high ceilings made with traditional Barcelona beams.

7. Spacious Balcony

Any luxury apartment needs to have a spacious balcony that you can relax from after a long day at work. I would personally not compromise the balcony size if I am buying a luxury apartment. If you are spending big, then all the small details, including the balcony size, matter.

8. High-end heating and cooling

Heating and cooling are crucial attributes because you will need to cool or heat your apartment every day. Most Barcelona luxury apartments have advanced heating and cooling systems such as the Eco-friendly Mitsubishi air conditioning and water heating systems. The cooling and heating system should also be smart home friendly. So, it should integrate with some of the popular smart home platforms, including Google Home and Apple Home.

9. Luxury rooftop

This attribute may not be available on every Barcelona luxury apartment on sale, but it is something you can consider if it really matters to you. Rooftops are good for weekend parties and relaxing after a long day of work. So, while checking out some of the apartments in Barcelona, you need to inquire if they have a rooftop.

Final thoughts

As I shared earlier, Barcelona is one of the cities in Spain and Europe that has the most exciting luxury apartments. And if you are looking for a luxury apartment, you have the freedom to be picky. So, use any or all the attributes we have shared above to gauge whether the apartment you are about to pay for is a luxury one or not.

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