What to Look for in a Memory Care Plan

People love routine for different reasons, and they benefit from it in various ways. For some people, it gives them a sense of control. Meanwhile, it helps others douse the feeling of stress or anxiety. Now, these benefits are interchangeable with the reasons why a memory care plan is essential to the health of adults dealing with some form of memory loss.

It is human to be forgetful at times. However, when it becomes a habit, something is most likely wrong. So, upon noticing signs of memory impairment in our older ones, we are inclined to press the panic button.

However, the thing is memory loss is not a severe problem, and with the right memory care plan, its effects on our loved ones can be reduced to the barest minimum.

Seasons Retirement offers the memory care option at their retirement homes, delivering personalized care to people dealing with memory health problems. That said, this article will outline what a memory care plan should entail.

What is memory care?

Memory care is a unique kind of care given to people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Memory care communities have an environment designed to monitor the mental health of residents.

Furthermore, activities, events, and programs are created to enhance the cognitive skills of memory care residents. That said, this program ensures that older persons are allowed to do what they want, enjoying their lives to the fullest.

At memory care communities, the staff is specially trained to deliver personalized care that addresses the mental health needs of every resident.

Elements of a good memory care plan


Nutrition is an essential aspect of every older adult’s life, especially for persons with health challenges. That said, keeping up with meals can become a challenge for grown-ups with memory impairment.

For some, cooking might become stressful. Meanwhile, for others, the problem might be a decline in appetite for food. In some severe cases of dementia, eating patterns change significantly.

Now, nutrition is a vital part of every good memory care plan. There is a need to pay special attention to meals. For instance, a healthy breakfast is an excellent way to start the day, particularly for people dealing with memory loss.

Custodial care

Custodial care refers to non-medical care, which is primarily aimed at assisting individuals with their personal needs in their everyday lives. This type of care is non-skilled or specific care for certain illnesses. It may include help with basic things like bathing, getting dressed, eating, etc.

With the inclusion of custodial care in a memory care plan, residents get to maintain their personal hygiene. Moreover, this will help build the confidence of your loved one with memory care issues, as they would always look clean and neat.

Recreation and Events

Dementia can be managed, and individuals dealing with the illness can still be active. In ensuring that, the memory care plan must contain a schedule of activities and social events.

Painting, writing, knitting, crocheting, and music are some of the fantastic activities that memory care residents can engage in to alleviate the boredom that most older adults feel.

Furthermore, a memory care plan should include outdoor activities that keep residents in touch with nature and the outside world. While the mornings and evenings are the most suitable hours for this kind of activity, it can also be done at any hour of the day. These activities may include hiking, meditation, and gardening.

It is essential to look out for the social and group events in a memory care program. These group events could be as simple as spending lunchtime with other residents. Meanwhile, specific group activities, such as book clubs and art classes, should be considered.


If you are looking to move a loved one to a memory care community, you may want to consider their exercise schedule.

Engaging in physical activities improves the general well-being of your older ones and contributes immensely to their mental health. Walking, yoga, water aerobics, and dancing are exercise options for adults with memory care needs.


A period of relaxation must be included in the memory care plan in view. After all, older persons with memory loss cannot be very active all day. Therefore, provisions must be made for them to relax.

Also, you may want to ensure that the memory care program is designed to render personalized assistance to aid residents relax in their free time.

For instance, some residents may require an activity to relax, such as listening to music or checking family photo albums. In any case, a memory care home should be aware of each resident’s unique needs.


Truly, most older adults may have difficulty remembering recent happenings. But, contrastingly, the memories they have created over the years mostly remain intact. A good memory care program has time set apart to allow residents to reminisce on memories of past good times.

Cognitive Activities

Even with memory impairment, many adults can still actively participate in intellectual challenges and activities. This helps to keep their cognitive ability alive and sharp.

Jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, card games, and board games are fun activities that keep memory care residents mentally fit. So, if you are searching for a suitable memory care program for your loved one, ensure that it allows cognitive activities.

Evening Time

The evening time is an essential part of a memory care plan, as it signals the end of a day and the need to prepare for a new one. You may want to consider a program that allows relaxing activities for memory care residents in the evenings. Also, a memory care plan that creates a relaxing and peaceful evening will always be a great choice.


This piece outlines elements that make a good memory care plan, highlighting the features to look for when choosing one for your loved one.

If you have further questions on the memory care option, you can consult experts suchs as Seasons Retirement, who are always available to provide answers to them.

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