To make sure that you’re getting maximum benefits out of your AC, it should be properly maintained by having it serviced for Singapore professionals regularly. That will help ensure that any problems that may occur are dealt with before they escalate into something serious. There are several signs that can tell you that it’s time for a cheap aircon servicing in Singapore, including the following:

If the unit is doing strange things. For instance, if your remote control seems to have no effect on it or it turns itself off at night when you’ve previously determined that it should be running all night, then you need to call a professional quickly because there could be something wrong with the circuitry of your device.

If there are weird smells coming out of it. It could be an indicator of mold growing inside which is bad enough without being added damage from actually turning on the equipment.

It takes longer than usual for cold air to come out of the vents. If this happens during summer, then this means that maybe just your filter needs replacing but if it’s another season, then you should definitely call someone to come over and check the unit.

If the cooling is not as strong as it used to be. A lack of cold air could mean that your device needs extensive work on its condenser or compressor.

You notice that more dust than usual has collected around or inside it. It means that there are some tiny leaks in the insulation which also leads to short circuits.

When all of these signs are present, don’t hesitate to call for cheap aircon servicing in Singapore by SoCool. These professionals will do everything they can to quickly restore your machine so that it will function properly once again until you decide whether a replacement is a better option or not for you. That way, you won’t have to worry about the excessive heat which can cause a lot of inconvenience for you and your family.

For those who have never had their air conditioning unit serviced, it is recommended that you do so once a year. Many people turn on their AC and just let them run for the whole year. As such, many people neglect to clean the filters as well as other parts of the aircon. This may lead to trouble-shooting delays throughout the year as dirt build up can make it difficult for technicians to pinpoint causes of problems as they arise.

A dirty filter will restrict airflow by about 20%, which means your aircon has to work harder to cool your home and this could result in premature breakdowns and much higher energy bills compared with when your aircon is properly maintained! Air con servicing however is not just about checking and cleaning the filters, it is also about lubricating the moving components and checking that these parts are oiled correctly. This prevents your unit from making strange noise as well as prolonging the life of the compressor. Just as importantly, regular maintenance reduces operating costs because minor problems like blocked Y-junctions will not become large expensive problems.

During a regular service, we will check all electrical and mechanical components to ensure everything is working efficiently. Some units have additional features such as heaters or ionizers which can help purify indoor air quality by removing pollutants and allergy-causing irritants such as pollen and dust mites. These filters should be checked regularly for damage, clogging or overheating.

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