What you need to know about high pressure water pump price in kenya

High pressure water pump are a very important machines.  For a machine that produces high volume of pressure, it must have a high pressure pump inside to give it power. This article focuses on all that you need to know about high pressure water pump price in Kenya.

High pressure water pumps pricing in Kenya is determined by the quality of the materials used to make the pump. The prices of those pumps which are made by high quality materials seem to be high as compared to those of low quality.

Uses of high-pressure water pump

High pressure water pumps are used in cutting materials. The materials which can be cut include concrete and wood. The pumps can also cut hard materials by mixing abrasives with water.

They are also used in cleaning industries, floors and off-shore cleaning.

The pumps are also used in preparing floors, removing raised edges and renovating concrete.

The high pressure water pumps can also clean areas that are not easily accessible. They are also used to remove resilient dirt in houses.


Piston pumps- These pumps need less pressure as compared  to plunger pumps. In general terms they are purposeful for belt drive fittings.

Gearbox pumps-They are attached directly to several plunger pumps eliminating the installation, selection and adjustment of belts

Plunger pumps- These pumps are suitable for high pressure.

Factors to consider before purchasing high pressure water pumps

Power supply. The pump must have a motor which is able to pump high pressure water. The power rating of the motor is dependent on flow rate, pressure range and the capacity.

Flow rate. The amount of water to be pumped at a time must be able to push the desired level  of water.

Pressure.  This is the amount of kinetic energy that can be used to release water. The released water is pushed as per the application of pressure required.

Tubing and supply lines. The tubing pipe must bear the high pressure of water flowing through it. The tubing used in high pressure pumps is reinforced with a wire mesh of three to four layers.

High pressure water pump price in kenya must be pocket friendly to the users. They should not be over priced .

Limitations of high pressure water pumps

The high pressure water pumps produce a lot of noise when they are operating .These noise may make the place uncomfortable for the residents.

The dirt splashed by the water messes the environment.This pollutes the environment and makes it unconducive for people to stay.

They may cause water flooding  if the drainage system  is poor.

In conclusion high pressure water pump price in kenya vary from one brand to another. The qualities  of these brands are different  depending on the materials  used to make them. It is important for the buyers of the high pressure water pumps to choose the brand which is suitable for their needs. They may also consider the affordability of the pumps.

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