When someone close to you is trapped in the dark of depression

Listen and let him speak without interrupting or judging.

If these people feel that they have someone they feel ‘reasoned’ to listen to, it will help them feel less pressured at the time. And even if what these people say is a traumatic feeling or a distorted thought. Do not rely on that or blame. Let him speak first. Don’t tell him he shouldn’t feel this way. Or argued that what he said was contrary to the Bible. Because these people are already feeling bad about themselves, we may be able to talk to them in the future. But Christian depression people need love and very high emotional support, not judgment. Let him feel that what he says is heard and understood without judging or teaching. It’s a way to help him feel loved a lot.

Sometimes a person with this disease may say, “If I hadn’t been, things would have been better.” This sentence indicates that the speaker may be thinking briefly. This may require a visit to a psychiatrist or a counseling specialist. But if you encounter this kind of situation, I suggest that you pray for the Holy Spirit to give you the wisdom to answer. Sometimes people with depression say this because they want to know how their listeners will react. Sometimes to get attention, Sometimes to give yourself the upper hand. But from my experience, I’ve come across friends saying this. I would remind him of how much he is worth to others and that quick thinking doesn’t solve any problems.

WARNING: Scenarios like this can suck up a lot of your energy. Therefore, rely significantly on God’s strength to show your love for them.

Remember that you are not the one who will solve his problems.

No matter what problems in his life, It’s not you who’s going to solve the problem for him. You cannot go back and repair the things that have worn out in his life. It’s your job to listen and make sure he has you by his side. but not to solve the problem

People with depression are sick people.

You must understand that this is a disease, just like people with heart disease or diabetes. Likewise, people with Christian depression can’t stop themselves from being depressed. No matter how much they wanted to do that, it requires prolonged emotional and medical treatment. So being with these people during times like these was a very precious gift to them. Because when you see the light but he can’t see, You can’t help a blind person see what he can’t see. But you can guide them.

Try to approach him first

Christian depression people tend to stay home all day if they can. Try inviting him outside. Sometimes you have to invite and invite again, but don’t give up on your intentions. Being around people can help motivate them to some extent. Especially being with nature will help a lot. Or if you feel that your friend is feeling bad. Let him go, have his space for a while, and try to greet him again later in the day. Please send him a message, a card of encouragement. Making him know he is loved will be of great help to him.

Support or help him take care of himself.

Try asking him Have you taken care of yourself lately? Most people with depression don’t have the mentality to take care of themselves. Even though he can take care of others without fail, You could try inviting him out for a day at the coffee shop and ask him what would make him relax, have fun, or like to do something? What did he do to take care of himself? and let him write a list

Finally, pray for him.

Pray, pray, pray with fervor with confidence in him. People suffering from this disease would need prayer even if they didn’t ask us to pray for them.

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