Where the media tycoons of India are investing their money

As television and paper media keep evidencing their growing non-viability, a lot of corporate money has come in to support Internet media. The Internet continues to be a growing market for those looking to start an online business. The fact that it is a low-risk investment and that you don’t have to spend money on physical premises makes online business easy.

The choice of a project for investment is always determined by many factors. If you look at the structure of deals in India, it is clear that the most popular segments are multimedia, social services, gaming and gambling, mobile applications, Internet advertising. In terms of investment, the most attractive segments are the industries of content production and promotion, as they usually require relatively less capital investment in the creation and development of projects compared to the industries of data storage and transmission.

How to earn with affiliate programs

An affiliate program is a popular way to make money on the Internet, available to both site owners and ordinary users. It is based on a commercial relationship between the owner of a product or service and its seller. In the entertainment industry, online gambling is one of the most profitable segments. According to Juniper Research, by 2021, online betting will hit a trillion dollars. Part of this money will become the profit of the casino, and part will go to the participants of top casino affiliate programs 2021.

There are the following payments schemes of affiliate programs:

  • per click – the fee for clicking on the link is one of the lowest, since it does not guarantee the purchase of a product or service. Rarely exceeds 3 cents;
  • for actions performed by the user – registration, downloading a file, filling out an application and more;
  • per purchase – we are talking about an action that brings the partner a profit, so you can count on a high percentage of the transaction, starting from 10.

Probably the most important advice for a good conversion partner is that it is central that your readers identify the merchandise with the theme of your site. If your website is about cell phones and apps and you’re promoting an colleague program about cooking, you’re probably not going to have the same realization as if you were promoting a program allied to cell phones or technology. Before picking an affiliate program, it is important to familiarize yourself with the promotional materials you receive to promote your product. The most common means are banners, but there may be other methods, such as sending ready-made text in a newsletter, such as product reviews or even magazines optimized for publication on social media.

Social Networks and Media Communities

As for tomorrow’s social networks, many experts agree that the future of such projects will be associated with the development of video content, which advertisers will focus on, and new forms of paid services. Media communities promoting various commercial brands will actively develop in social networks. Moreover, in the nearest future social networks will probably pay users for their content.

There will also be active development of systems which, for a fee, will enable a person to use all his accounts through one service. Of course, social networks will develop advertising technologies based on various types of targeting, including behavioral targeting. Social media is an essential feature of inbound marketing, and more and more companies are starting to use SMM as a tool for targeting traffic to their front pages.

Successful media in our reality is a perpetual startup – you have to be ready to make decisions quickly, implement new things easily, and sometimes turn 180 degrees or try to do something completely different that you have never done before. For example, to make money not only by selling advertising, but also by launching useful online services.

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