Where to look for Apparel Manufacturers for your Startup

Selecting custom apparel manufacturers for your new venture is all about choosing the right match. If it is not the best one for you, it will never work in the long run. You don’t have to go with the first clothing manufacturer you get in touch. It is always recommended to search for your supply chain partner from a wide range of available options. You definitely don’t want to go wrong in it.

Where to find the best apparel manufacturer for your business?

Before you decide if an apparel producer is the best fit for your startup or not, you should know ways to look for them. There are a lot of new brands struggling in it. And when they find someone, they just jump right in, without enquiring about anything.

Hence, it is very important to be choosy and not settle for anything that comes you way. Here are ways to find the best apparel manufacturing companies:


Go to events, trade shows and make friends with other brands. It may take time but because settled brands will not just open to you in minutes and give you all the information they learned to build their supply chain, hence you need to be patient.

The idea is to share. Give those brands the information you have and they will open up and share the apparel manufacturing companies they are working with.

However, the point is no one owes you, hence you don’t have to be desperate to ask for information. Some brands may happily recommend you their manufacturers while others may resist. Remember, networking is all about giving and taking.


Online forums are a great way to connect and network with startup brands. There are a lot of helpful groups available online that will recommend the best manufacturers to you.


Online search is the first thing which a startup may choose to lookout for an apparel manufacturer. However, make sure you ask the right questions to the shortlisted companies and choose a partner that meets your requirements and needs.

Trade shows and databases available online

More than Google, startups prefer trade shows and online database to look for custom clothing manufacturers. Usually the trade shows don’t let anyone in- they filter the suppliers with good repute. Hence, you can trust on their authenticity and choose them as your supply chain partner.

Fashion shows and schools

There are a lot of apparel manufacturing companies that team up with fashion show events and fashion schools. If you are in contact with any of the organizers or school faculty, you can definitely look out for references at these locations.

In order to establish a successful clothing startup, you need a reliable apparel manufacturer. Make sure you choose someone that meets your preferences, demands and requirements. Find out about their shipping details, cost, MOQs and other details. Do not compromise on anything to just get started as it will never flourish in the long run and you will have to start your search all over again.

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