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Why Link Building Is Still An Important Marketing Strategy In 2022 – Small Business Trends

It may seem that link building is dead. However, there are still several ways to increase your website’s visibility and get a high page rank. Influencer marketing, Guest blogging, Infographics, and Article directories are some of the many ways to increase your online presence. Read on to discover the benefits of these strategies. And don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you can keep up with the latest trends. You should hire best guest blogging services as well.

Influencer marketing

There are some key differences between influencer marketing and traditional advertising. Influencers have a deeper relationship with their audience and tend to share their love of a product more than other types of marketers. Brands need to make sure their collaborations with influencers are based on a mutually beneficial relationship. Brands can use data to discover new partners and identify new customers. Influencers do not work for free!

In the last decade, influencers have become increasingly powerful in digital marketing. In fact, many consumers rely on recommendations from trusted sources in making purchasing decisions. One study shows that 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations for product selection, and 82% of consumers trust opinions on social media channels. Influencer marketing is still an effective marketing strategy and will continue to be a key part of growth-driven marketing strategies in 2022.

Guest blogging

In addition to guest blogging and seo link building service, a business owner can promote their content through the same channels they use for their own content. For example, the blog owner can use the email marketing newsletter to promote their guest posts, as well as social media to encourage visitors to share and comment on the post. The guest blogger can also use services like Buffer to schedule posts and Missinglettr to set up drip marketing campaigns.

When creating a guest post, ensure that you provide an answer to any comments made by readers. These comments will give you valuable insight into the success of your post and help you improve the content in future. By responding to comments, you will also build connections with readers. This will boost your business’s exposure and traffic. Lastly, remember to track the success of your guest posts. Make sure you measure the success of each guest post with Google Analytics.


Marketers are starting to realize the power of visuals, and infographics are just one more tool to add to their arsenal. According to a survey, 71% plan to use infographics for at least some of their content. In fact, a full 27% plan to use them for between 61 and 90% of their content. However, many marketers are worried about their time and budget constraints. Thankfully, Venngage takes the work out of creating these powerful, visually-rich marketing tools.

According to Liana Technologies, 69% of people would rather watch a short video than read an article about a product. Because infographics are easy to share, they should result in a backlink for every post on a website. This strategy is a great way to attract new customers and increase repeat purchases. In 2022, the power of video is sure to grow. The COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of online video platforms have increased the popularity of video.

Article directories

One of the reasons article directories are still important in the 21st century is that people are continuing to read them. It’s also important to remember that article directories were never intended to be backlink repositories. Rather, they were intended to serve as an exchange of content between website owners and experts. By publishing quality content, article directories can help you get links in the long run and improve your ranking at the same time.

Digital PR

While some marketers have largely moved away from PR, others are refocusing on it. The goal of digital PR is to create synergy between a brand and its target audiences. With proper social media and SEO content, a brand can establish a relationship with its audience that will drive brand mentions and website traffic. If you’re wondering whether digital PR is still important in 2022, read on to find out why it is. Publish your guest post and get high quality backlinks.

When creating content for digital PR, it is important to think about what audiences will be interested in reading or watching. While a simple image may be enough, a more complex image may be needed for a complex campaign. Whatever the case, it’s imperative to create content that’s well-written and easy to share. Digital PR is an increasingly powerful tool in business promotions. However, the role of traditional PR can’t be underestimated.

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