Why Moving to Decatur, IL Should be on Your Bucket List

Have you recently been thinking of moving and seeking out a place that you can truly enjoy life? If the answer to this question is yes, you have a lot of options in the United States. Large cities offer plenty to do and a certain level of comfort as you will never know everyone in the city. However, a lot can also be said for very small towns where everyone knows your name. If both of these options do not sound like something you would like, consider a city that boasts a population somewhere in the middle. Decatur, IL has a population of just under 75,000, so it can be the ideal place to find that comfortable middle ground you may be seeking. Here are a few more reasons why moving to Decatur, IL should be on your to do list.

An Easy Commute to Work

Time spent commuting to work has become an epidemic in this country. On average, a worker will spend 35 minutes in their vehicle or on public transit commuting to work. That averages out to 152 hours each year or 19 full work days annually, assuming your work day is 8 hours. Basically, people spend way too much time commuting to work each day, but that will not be a problem when you live in Decatur, IL. According to studies and talking to residents of the city, the average resident in Decatur, IL spends 17 minutes in a vehicle commuting to work. You will finally be able to get that valued time back with your family.

Home Prices

Decatur, IL is not only a livable city as far as commuting is concerned. It is also among the more affordable cities in the nation. Residents report easy and convenient access to schools, grocery stores, and conveniences along with comparable housing costs. Decatur, IL reports in at 54% lower home prices than the national average. Median home prices in Decatur, IL are $80,300, so buying your first home in this city will not completely drain your budget.

Storage Facilities

When moving to a new location, one of your biggest allies will be available storage facilities. You can never really know how well all your belongings will fit into your new space until you are actually living in it and while moving, you may come to realize that the home you are moving into is not quite as large as you would like. Thankfully, that does not mean you have to completely get rid of everything you own. Storage facilities in Decatur, IL are available for both secured and non-secured storage needs. Whether you need a little extra space for seasonal items or would like to store your extra vehicle, you can do it with storage units in Decatur, IL.

Scovill Zoo

Not every city is fortunate enough to have a zoo, but in Decatur, IL, there is no need to drive for hours just to see a few animals. The Scovill Zoo is an attraction available to children and families throughout the year and if you are looking to spend an afternoon of quality time with those you love, you will certainly enjoy this experience. Apart from the amazing animals you can view, visitors really like the train ride that allows you to relax as you meander around the park. Bring a snack for the kids, or enjoy one of the many food stalls within the zoos walls. You will love this place and season passes are an option.

Children’s Museum of Illinois

Museums are not always so accepting toward children. Kids love to touch and discover their environment in this manner and that is not acceptable when viewing priceless pieces of art. However, in Decatur, IL, you do not need to hold their hand and ensure they remain behind the velvet rope in an average museum. The Children’s Museum of Illinois is the place where they can discover new things and interact with everything in the museum. Children are encouraged to touch and explore. With all the sensory overload in this museum, bedtime will not be a problem for your little ones.

A Place to Explore Nature

Getting the family out of the house and into the great outdoors is essential. There is simply something special about walking through nature and exploring its unspoiled glory. Finding a place to do this in large scale cities can be difficult, but in a place like Decatur, IL nature is just around the corner. Situated just 4 miles south of the city, you will find Rock Springs Conservation Area. This sprawling, 1,300 acre piece of land offers endless hiking and wildlife around every turn. When it comes time to get out of the daily routine, bringing the family here will give them some much needed time away from modern conveniences and technology.

Higher Education at its Finest

Once your children reach the age where they need to attend college, you will appreciate living in Decatur, IL even more. Millikin University is located right in town, so the kids will not have to venture far to enjoy higher education. Studies such as art and design, business, human studies, sports and recreation, and health and medicine will be right where you want it to be. Who knows, you may even want to study at this local university to enhance your knowledge as well.

You can move anywhere you want to be, but with so many positives about Decatur, IL, it is hard to turn down the opportunity to move there. Whether you are moving for employment reasons, family, or just a change of scenery, Decatur, IL is a great place to be. Culture, business opportunities, community, and education all in one, singular location. Take the time to examine your life and what goals you may have and see if Decatur, IL might be right for you. If you are looking for a small town feel with big city dreams, this is the place to be.

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