Why One Must Read Ncert Solutions for Thorough Preparation

Board exams are one of the most important exams in the life of students. Since they are so important, the students need to know the best way to prepare for them. Students can take up multiple studying methods and techniques and delve into various reference books. But, they might not get the marks they want because they did not study from the right book. 

One of the many questions that go through a student’s mind is which book, if not books, they should stick to while preparing for these exams. So, in this article, how essential NCERT books are for students appearing for CBSE Board exams will be thoroughly discussed.

The Background of CBSE and NCERT

CBSE, or Central Board of Secondary Education, drafts up a new exam syllabus every academic year. According to this syllabus, the board releases study materials, blueprints and sets up the exam patterns. NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training, based on the syllabus released by CBSE, manufactures and puts out books for students at both primary and secondary levels. 

Most importantly, CBSE itself prescribes NCERT books to its students. NCERT designs its books in such a way that they perfectly fit the board’s curriculum. These books end up being a long-term investment for those who want to delve into JEE, NEET, and other competitive exams.

The information and research in each NCERT book are monitored and updated by experts in the respective fields. The students, therefore, are exposed to the most recent and authentic developments in the subjects.

Board Exams and NCERT Solutions

One feature of NCERT Solutions is the questions given at the end of the chapters. It is a fact that several of the Board examination questions are from the same places. Not just that, solved examples in the middle of chapters have also appeared in the question papers of CBSE Board exams. These exercise questions come in different formats to keep the students on their toes. The questions come in the forms of fill-in-the-blanks, True or False, and even Multiple Choice Questions. Descriptive and numerical questions are also frequently visited. All the students have to do is pick up an NCERT book such as English Hornbill NCERT Books Class 11 PDF and solve these questions to score well.

On top of that, there are previous years’ question papers in NCERT books. A student must solve question papers to learn the pattern of questions and identify the important topics. A student would be left helpless without these question papers. 

Board exams are a momentous event in a student’s life which means that preparing for them takes up a lot of time. However, if a student prepares using NCERT Solutions, they can rest assured because of the easy language used in the same. 

The simplicity of the content in the books makes it easier for students to comprehend and retain, making the job comfortable and less stressful for them. Students save a lot of time using NCERT books because of the comprehendible topics. Therefore, they have more time to revise or solve problems at the end of the chapters and sharpen their knowledge and preparation. 

NCERT books prove helpful and efficient for all classes. The books help students sail through all the unit tests, assessments, and examinations. These books are a reliable source of information and knowledge, no matter the class or subject. NCERT Solutions are the one book to turn to when a student feels unconfident in their fundamentals. A strong base is required to move further in that subject. Unless a student feels confident in the topic, they cannot proceed. Here is where NCERT Solutions come in. The book clears up any obstacles stopping the student from understanding better and helps them gain more knowledge on the topic.

Preparing for board exams is no small task. It takes the best resources, the most motivation, and hard work to come close to getting an excellent score. Students feel less stressed when they use NCERT Solutions, and the Herculean task of scoring well on their boards gets less heavy. Any twisted or complex question that might come up in a board examination or even exams students have to give later in life can all be understood and answered swiftly by going through NCERT Solutions.

Extra Tips to Prepare Better for Boards 

  • Students can concentrate better when they study in an environment that suits them. A suitable atmosphere can be a specific room in their house, a park, or even a cafe. Preparing for Boards is a stressful task, and students should not go overboard. Students will feel more concentrated when reading from NCERT Solutions in an ambient atmosphere. 
  • Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation improve the ability to concentrate. Additionally, the activities also relax the body. Sometimes, when students are too into their books, they do not realize the pressure and stress in their bodies. Movement and light exercise can be a good way of releasing the tension in their bodies and making them feel charged and ready to accomplish their goals. 
  • Students also focus better when they feel like someone is monitoring them. They get motivated to achieve their daily goals when they have someone to tell about their progress. This someone can be a friend, classmate, or even a family member. If the student receives proper reinforcement (internal or external), they will feel determined to work harder. Students can even reward themselves. 


In the end, NCERT books are a confirmed source to prepare for your board exams before you touch any other reference books. Having other reference books can work as a good luck charm. But, the real effort comes from inside, and the work put in to read every line of NCERT books. These books have never let a student down and will continue their legacy so. Just as much as students believe in NCERT books, they also have to believe in themselves. There is nothing a student has, if not hope, which is a copy of NCERT Solutions. 

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