Why THC and CBD are the most important considerations in weed selection

How cannabis will act on your body depends on your body’s constitution or physiology and the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a unique communication system in the body and brain that impacts many vital functions, including how a person, moves, reacts, and feels. Cannabinoids are natural chemicals that the body produces with interact with the cannabinoid receptors to regulate important body functions. THC, the psychotropic cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant, has an overwhelming effect on the endocannabinoid systems, quickly attaching the cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. It disrupts the tuning of the natural cannabinoids and throws the entire system in disarray. And this causes high, which attracts most cannabis users who want to derive maximum recreational value from the weed.

CBD is another cannabinoid present in various cannabis strains that do not have any psychotropic properties but rich in properties that support good health like relieving stress and anxiety, relieving pain, and alleviating other medical conditions.   Therefore, when buying cannabis from Tale of Two Strains, an online cannabis store, consider what you expect from the weed to focus on the properties to ensure that you get the right product that meets your needs.

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The aspects to consider when buying any cannabis product will become clear ongoing through this article. 

Level of THC

THC is the most prominent cannabinoid that recreation seekers look for in cannabis because the psychoactive compound has intoxicating and mind-altering effects that cause high.  How much high you can expect from your chosen cannabis product depends on the THC content because the higher the THC level, the more its ability to produce high. However, some people might experience the same degree of mind alteration effects with lesser THC depending on the body physiology, which is unique for each person. Since THC can severely impact the body and mind, it is better to start with the smallest dose and then gradually increase it by understanding your body’s tolerance level.

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CBD level

Cannabidiol or CBD is another important cannabinoid in cannabis that is non-psychoactive but has many health benefits, and those keen to avoid the ill effects of THC should choose cannabis products that have low or zero THC content but only CBD. Even products that have THC and CBD in equal amounts might be effective for health purposes because the presence of CBD nullifies the effects of THC largely.  The normal level of CBD in dried cannabis can vary between 4% and 9%. Since it is uncertain how your body will react to cannabis, gradually increasing the dose is a safe option to determine the optimal level of CBD that triggers the health benefits. It is also important from the cost perspective because higher CBD content in cannabis will cost more.

The most important factors in cannabis selection according to your need consider the flavors and scents because each strain has distinct flavors and aroma that attracts users. Matching these factors to create a balance will ensure that you get the right product. 

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