Why You Should Buy Faux Fur

Faux fur is just fake fur that is designed to look like fur. It has the same textures and quality but is much more environmentally friendly. It can be knitted, weaved, or tufted. Since it is not real fur, it’s made out of a single material or a combination of materials like polyesters or blends of cotton, synthetic, and polyester. Faux furs are more ethically sourced, unlike regular fur that requires sourcing from coats of animals. Faux fur jackets are trendy but also provide you with comfort at a lower cost than real fur.

Faux fur is the better alternative since real fur goes through extensive chemical treatment hazardous to the environment. It’s not just degrading to the planet but also affects human health. For a long time, the fashion industry condemned faux fur, saying it’s not as glamorous or rich as real fur and that it takes away from the spotlight fur gets. Today, faux-fur is more valuable since it’s better for the environment.

Faux fur first came into the market during the 1950s as a replacement for alpaca hair. Acrylic polymers were used for this process. These were called modacrylics since they could be coloured and played with, unlike alpaca hair that had to stay true to its colour. Faux fur is also durable and resistant to wear and tear, giving it exemplary shelf life.

Faux fur is much easier to clean since it doesn’t require as strict cleaning instruction as real fur does. Its quality doesn’t deteriorate with time, and it’s hardly even recognisable as fake in public. Since it’s not pure, it comes in customisable and colourful patterns too. Real fur fades over time and loses its charm with age; faux fur keeps the colours intact years down the line and does not harden.

Faux fur is extremely easy to store since it does not require any special conditions it needs to be kept in. It can regularly be cleaned and kept in sunlight for breathability, unlike fur that is high-maintenance with its storage needs.

Faux fur jackets can never go out of style; here are some suggestions to style them. They can be worn over strappy or tank tops paired with chic jeans for a winter walk in the park. A pleated skirt with a turtleneck top is a Pinterest favourite. These jackets can not only be in trend, but they’re also vintage. Pair them with sunglasses, and you’re good to attend an afternoon brunch. They can be worn on top of dresses with bunned-up hair for the best elegant royal dinner party.

Faux fur jackets go great with faux leather boots that are perfect for an eco-friendly individual. Throw around a scarf, and it’s the best example of a perfect defence against the cold in a trendy manner.

Today, many high fashion brands like Gucci and Versace use faux fur with the most progressive mindset. Some could debate that faux furs might somehow look like real fur, but do they serve their purpose? The answer is yes! Faux furs have been proved to keep one as warm as a real mink fur jacket could. Every kind of real fur has a faux version that resembles its looks. Mink fur and rabbit fur definitely differ in quality and look very different. A duplicate of it resembles the looks but sets the quality standards at par with real fur. In conclusion, faux fur is the way to the future. It is more ethical and fits perfectly and stylishly in a closet for the trendy.

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