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Why you should consider Mod WhatsApp apk over the traditional app?

If you are someone who has been using WhatsApp for some time now then you already know about the limitations that are imposed by the original app on its users. You can only select from a limited array of wallpapers and themes that the official version of the app provides you with which is not that many, to begin with. 

Other than that the new policy that has been imposed by WhatsApp due to the intervention of Facebook which is the parent organization dictates that the data of the users from WhatsApp will be channeled directly to Facebook for the sake of improving their ad campaigns for targeted customers. In literal terms, your security is at grave risk and thus moving towards the other mod versions of WhatsApp might be just what you require. 

Following are some of the benefits of working with a mod apk in the first place;

  • Provision of extra security features

The one thing that is certain in the case of using other mod apk is that you get your hands on various features that were either missing or could be accessed through a premium link. One such thing includes the use of two-step verification if the user wishes to subject their account to some kind of change may it be data-wise or setting new privacy for their extended use with the app. Original WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to do that which is a major drawback.

Accepting the user agreement and agreeing to the user policy offered by the original WhatsApp app is something that subjects your user under the continuous monitoring and fixed circle imposed by the organization which is something that is entirely missing in the mod versions of the app. 

  • Improved aesthetics and more themes to choose from

Another thing that is quite impressive when it comes to the Mod WhatsApp apk is the very fact that it provides you access to a lot of different themes that were either missing or had to be bought with the original WhatsApp apk. The chat background, the very theme of the app that you are using, and even the settings menu can be changed towards your liking, you can customize each and every bit according to your liking and this is something the official WhatsApp apk doesn’t let you do or have any control on thus the mod versions become an ultimate choice for people who like to customize stuff according to their liking. 

  • Share media without any restriction

If you like to create or be an active part of the WhatsApp group then you already know that a lot of media is being shared on both sides of the fence and multiple restrictions also get imposed such as you can’t send/receive a file that is larger than a certain allocated size and this creates a lot of problem for the creative few. This is where the mod version of the official WhatsApp apk tends to shine because you can send/receive media without any dedicated restrictions whatsoever, there is no particular file size that you need to abide by which gives rise to more creativity and advanced customization. 

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The FM WhatsApp APK allows you to do all of which is mentioned above and more, no wonder it is becoming the ultimate choice of creative people and artists around both sides of the social media platforms which is the ultimate thing that you should also be doing currently.

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