Why You Should Hire an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

An Atlanta truck accident lawyer is an asset to victims of serious accidents. These lawyers know how to negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of their clients to recover damages. They can also gather evidence and investigate crashes to determine if another driver violated the law. If they do, they can help their clients collect the compensation they deserve. To learn more about hiring an Atlanta truck accident attorney, continue reading. You’ll be glad you did! Let Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC help you with your case today.

Tractor-trailer accidents are more serious than car accidents

If you have been in an accident with a large truck, you know how devastating it can be. Tractor-trailers weigh more than 80,000 pounds and can cause a devastating wreck if they exceed the speed limit. The truck driver may lose control of the entire truck, which can lead to catastrophic injuries and even death. Trucks may be speeding due to a variety of factors, including tire blowouts, but it is not unusual to see reckless driving at the scene of an accident.

The weight of a tractor-trailer is twenty to thirty times the weight of a car. In addition, it takes two football fields to stop a truck, making the impact more devastating. Truck accidents typically involve more complicated procedures for recovering compensation than car accidents. Additionally, because truckers are part of commercial enterprises, they are governed by federal transportation laws. This means that it is imperative to seek legal counsel and representation as soon as possible.

Lawyers can help victims recover compensation

When an accident leaves you in need of rehabilitative care, it is important to hire Atlanta Truck Accident Attorneys. These lawyers can pursue compensation for your injuries, bringing closure to your family and easing the financial burden you face after a catastrophic accident. While truck accidents may seem simple, they can be extremely complicated. The cargo on the truck can cause additional weight and damage to other vehicles and property. An overturned truck can spill its cargo all over the area, which could be dangerous for everyone.

After an accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company will initiate the investigation. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company to secure the maximum amount of compensation possible. If necessary, your attorney will file a lawsuit in civil court on your behalf. He will begin a process called discovery, gathering evidence to support your case. Your Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney will handle all of this for you. You will be able to collect the compensation you deserve and get your family back on their feet.

They negotiate with insurance companies

It is vital to remember that insurance companies are not in business to help the injured; they want to avoid paying you as much as possible. It is in your best interests to seek legal representation as soon as possible after a truck accident. While your own insurance company may be the first to offer you a settlement, you must never take the money. In fact, these companies know that you are at fault and are aiming to minimize their financial responsibility. A lawyer in Atlanta can handle this process for you.

The damages that an Atlanta truck accident attorney can pursue include economic damages, lost wages, physical pain, and mental anguish. Punitive damages are awarded if the truck driver was egregious or malicious. Whether you receive economic or non-economic damages will ultimately depend on the severity of your injuries, the number of property damage, and the percentage of fault. You must retain the services of an Atlanta truck accident attorney to maximize your recovery.

They help victims collect money

When a trucking accident causes severe injuries, victims must collect the maximum compensation possible. The consequences of such a crash can be devastating and costly, not to mention causing a great deal of property damage. A truck accident attorney can assist you in obtaining a full recovery by analyzing your medical bills and records. If you were out of work due to the accident, you can include your lost wages as part of your compensation claim.

Many people mistakenly think that the driver of a truck is the only party that can be held responsible for an accident. While this may be true, other parties, including negligent mechanics, may be held responsible for your injuries. The right Atlanta truck accident attorney can help you collect the full compensation you deserve. They will gather critical evidence and calculate the value of your claim. If a truck accident results in a death, you may be able to recover from the loss of companionship or parenthood.

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